The Hook Restaurant
Website and digital menus

The Hook is one of Guernsey’s finest dining and socialising venues so when the opportunity was given to us to deliver a new class-leading website we jumped at the chance to create something that reflected the Hook experience.

The creation of The Hook’s new website happened during Lockdown 1.0, a period of great uncertainty with no blueprint to follow for when (or if) Guernsey’s community would emerge from the restrictions in place. We’re forever grateful for clients like Sam for sticking with us throughout and his confidence in not only the long term prospects of his business but also in Clicksmith as his marketing partner.


Digital Menus

The digitisation of The Hooks various menus had already been discussed as part of their ongoing digital roadmap however it became a priority when post-lockdown restrictions made it less favorable to have printed menus.

We developed a flexible, fully self-managed digital menu system that works beautifully across mobile and desktop devices.