Dare to be different: Differentiate your marketing with personality

The phrase ‘people buy people’ has been around for a long time. It emphasises the importance of relationships in influencing purchasing decisions. Consumers are more likely to buy from brands they trust, relate to, or have formed a connection with. If people buy people, then why are we so reluctant to show personality in our marketing?

Take this social post as an example…

“The importance and relevance of customer profiling and multiple data points within the email marketing channel has never been so imperative.”

This is a post from a contact of mine (not based in Guernsey and from a past career life).  The post is let’s be honest dull… the funny thing is that the guy who posted it (for the sake of this blog we shall call him Tom*) is not boring in the least. In fact, I would suggest that if Tom was talking to you in person about this topic you would be so overwhelmed by his natural charisma and enthusiasm you would buy what he is selling in a heartbeat.

The Content Marketing Institute found that ads that have a strong personality and unique voice are 2.7 times more likely to be remembered by consumers compared to generic or bland ads.

Despite everyone knowing that personality often wins the day for some reason less and less individuals and companies are willing to show any of it. If we bring this conversation back to our local market in Guernsey for context (we’ll leave poor Tom alone for a bit, sorry Tom) we see an employment market full of organisations crying out for staff.  Yet we see so many businesses who seem reluctant to showcase any personality. It’s the same old message of “we are different… honest”, but with no real reason to believe them. There seems to be a reluctance to be different, to really stand out from the crowd, and as such everything starts to just look and feel the same.


So how can you add personality into your marketing?

  • Use humour to make your content more engaging and memorable.
  • Write how you would talk using language that feels natural and relatable.
  • Share real stories and anecdotes.
  • Humanise your brand by showcasing the people behind your company.


People shouldn’t talk like robots; companies can’t just hide behind expensive and polished sets of brand guidelines and corporate jargon. To attract talent or indeed new business we need to show our human side. At the end of the day the saying is true, ‘people buy people’ whatever the size of your business and whether it’s online or in person. And if your personality doesn’t shine through, then like Tom, you are potentially wasting your biggest asset.


At Clicksmith, we can help you showcase your personality and stand out from the crowd. Contact us today – email [email protected].


*Don’t worry, we checked with ‘Tom’ and he was happy for us to use his post as an example, he’s a pretty chilled guy.  

Nick Graham MIRP, CertRP

Nick is the owner of OSA Recruitment in Guernsey, a successful recruitment business, with close to 30 years' experience of guiding people through their career choices. OSA's excellent team are experts in finding the perfect candidate for jobs at all levels, from graduates and temporary placements to senior executive positions and non-executive directors.

Nick says: 'I § that an integral part of our success is attributed to our unrivalled reputation for professionalism, honesty and integrity, and for building trusting relationships with clients and candidates.' Nick's background includes a public relations degree and several jobs in stockbroking and financial services.

Over the course of his career and through his involvement with the administration of local sport, he has built a wide range of contacts in Guernsey's business community. He has a solid understanding of how the island works and how beneficial close networks are, regardless of the career you are immersed in.

He is interested in continuing to build his network of senior business leaders for mutual benefits.