Why should you be doing PPC?

17th October 2017

With so many options and techniques available when it comes to digital marketing, Clicksmith takes a look a number of channels and asks the question why? Why should we undertake these strategies and what we can expect to achieve by doing them?  The first channel that we are looking at is Pay Per Click (PPC)

As with many of the channels that we will look at, PPC can influence many areas of your business.   PPC allows you to increase your search presence by paying for additional exposure.  The Pay Per Click model is simple; you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.  Here are just a few reasons you may wish to do this:

In 2015 Google received over $30 billion of ad revenue in the US alone, and this number looks like being eclipsed in 2016.  Search engines remain the place to be for many advertisers.

Weak organic coverage

Whether you have just started your online journey or you haven’t quite mastered SEO.  PPC offers you a chance to take a short cut and simply pay to get to the top of the results and drive traffic to your site!

High levels of competition on key terms

Even if you have great organic results, you may find that the competition are taking all the traffic with paid ads.  It might be time you got involved too.

High levels of mobile traffic

Google has made it even more difficult for websites to achieve exposure on mobile devices.  Put simply; paid adverts dominate the mobile search results page, and if you are relying on organic listings for mobile traffic you might be disappointed.

Build brand awareness

Search is used by everyone, using PPC to build awareness of your brand is a hugely powerful way of getting in front of your target audience.


PPC allows you a lot more flexibility than your standard organic listing.  A PPC advert allows a bespoke message (related to the search term) as well as the option to direct the user to a URL of your choice.  This can significantly increase the number of conversions you achieve.

Test new keywords

PPC allows you the agility to experiment and try new keywords and messages very quickly.  The findings can help you develop your product offering as well as shaping your SEO keyword strategy.

Test new locations

Thinking about moving your business to another county, country or even continent?  PPC allows you to test the market and minimise the risk by placing PPC adverts in any location you choose. 

Optimise to time, location, and device

PPC allows you to tailor your marketing like no other channel.  You can manage your spend and message based on the behaviour of your customers. 

Retarget previous visitors

RLSA’s allow you to display a bespoke message to users based on their previous behaviour on your site. 

Competitors traffic

A bit naughty and little frowned upon this one.  There are no rules that stop you from appearing on your competitor’s brand terms.  Word of warning, be careful, as great as this sounds it is often expensive and offers poor converting traffic.

There are of course many more reasons why PPC is the right solution for business of all types.  In 2015 Google received over $30 Billion of ad revenue in the US alone, and this number looks like being eclipsed in 2016.  Search engines remain the place to be for many advertisers.

If you would like to find out if PPC is the right solution for your business, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Clicksmith.  We are experts in building PPC strategies as well as all other digital marketing disciplines.

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