If I was a Tradesman… Digital Marketing advice

23rd July 2018

If I was a tradesman, which I am not (I have the DIY skills of a Labrador), there are a few things I would focus on to make sure my business got the most from the online space.

Local SEO

Ensuring that your business comes up in the search engine results page for local-based searches is hugely important for any local service. If someone is searching for your service within your catchment area, then by optimising your website you can make sure that you appear. The increase in users searching on their mobile has significantly increased the importance of local listings, as they are often looking for instant gratification and the opportunity to call straight from their mobile. Google, in essence, is turning into the yellow pages.

Local-targeted PPC

While you work on your local SEO efforts, PPC (pay per click) can offer you the opportunity to appear at the top of search engine results in the form of a paid placement. You can target specific locations with search terms to ensure that you are only getting the best-quality clicks. Mobile searches are growing at a significant pace, and these paid listings enjoy the lion’s share of the search space. These placements only cost money when a click occurs, so if you get your targeting right, it will deliver only real business leads.

Social marketing and referrals

A referral from a peer is vastly more valuable than an advert. In times gone by this was typically called “word of mouth”. Now, of course, we all have access to our network of friends and colleagues through the form of social media. Making the most of these channels through existing contacts and past clients gives you the opportunity to drive new business.

User experience

There is no point in driving potential new customers to your website if the website doesn’t do its job properly. Your website should reflect the quality of your work and the standards that you set. Make sure that it makes people want to contact you and that it is as easy as possible for them to do so.

Reviews and Testimonies

We all use reviews, whether it’s booking a hotel or a restaurant. Setting up review widgets on your website is relatively straightforward and allows you to reassure any potential customer of your credentials. Obviously, this means that your work has to be good and that your reviews are as positive as possible. Integrating reviews allow you to show off your quality within the search results too, meaning more clicks and so hopefully more business leads.

Clicksmith has experience in working with tradesmen across Guernsey and the UK. Getting the basics right can change the way you get new business, so if you would like to know more about how we can help, please get in touch.

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