Staying visible when the world can’t see you

24th April 2020

There’s nothing like a crisis to ignite passion and determination to survive.

We are now just over four weeks into lockdown (it feels like months) and in that time islanders’ habits have changed beyond recognition. Aside from the obvious – working from home, home schooling (that’s another blog) and actually looking forward to exercise – we have entered a whole new world of ‘home delivery’.

Only yesterday I heard someone say: ‘I hope this home delivery thing carries on when coronavirus finally does one’. With the aforementioned determination to survive, Guernsey companies have turned their business models on their heads. While some ordering systems can feel a little clunky, which is to be understood as they’ve never done this before, others have got it off to a tee. Basic websites built and good communication on social media (this is absolutely key) they have taken full advantage of the online trend.

Most impressively for me is the number of small local businesses which aren’t even able to operate at the moment. Some of them have in fact been the most impressive at keeping themselves visible. It would be easy to give up and accept the inevitable, but with boundless creativity, vivid imagination and a whole heap of humour they are winning Facebook locally.


Baker and cake artist Lucy Radford (aka bakewithluce) had to think differently and adapt her business in the absence of being able to deliver cakes. ‘My intention had always been to share joy and so for now that comes in the form of live bakes – it means I can still provide value to my customers and ensure my brand can continue to exist,’ she says.

‘At the mo, we’re in a strange time, no doubt; but, we still have lots to be grateful for. So in the absence of parties, with the power of tech, it’s still important that we ‘get together’ and have some fun.’

Her live stream baking events have been streamed on Facebook and Instagram and she has been building her brand on TikTok too.

Hi ☺️👋🏼… Back by popular demand🙄🤣
bakewithluce LIVE on Monday at 11 🙌🏽

I thought we’d make some shortbread 😋 so…

Posted by Bakewithluce on Saturday, 28 March 2020


Tribe Hair

Tribe Hair is another local business that has smashed social media since it was forced to close its doors on 23 March. Alongside volunteering at the ambulance station, owner Lyndsey Mahy is something of an Instagram and Facebook queen. Even before the pandemic, Tribe’s social media pages were active and fun. Lyndsey is a natural in front of a camera (as is her daughter Syd) and she has used this perfectly to her advantage.


Please watch if you are having roots issues

Posted by Tribe hair on Saturday, 18 April 2020


Even though hairdressing could be out of the question for some time, Lyndsey keeps her followers updated with product information, tips on how to tame lockdown locks, and had everyone on the edges of their seats when she posted a new video last Saturday with what promised to be the answer to every woman’s dreams right now – some help with our roots. Thousands eagerly watched and waited to find out what the magic potion was that she was mixing. It turned out to be a large gin and tonic and some tongue in cheek advice to chill out and wait for salons to reopen!

Her video has been viewed 10,000 times on Facebook and at the time of writing this had been shared 150 times. While she can’t take clients right now, the exposure this has given her is priceless. Afterall, awareness and engagement = new business leads.

Never give up

So the message I take from these ladies is that marketing, selling, communicating, whatever you want to call it, is not just about the here and now. It’s about playing the long game. It’s about tuning in to what makes people tick, it’s about entertaining, accepting change and turning it to your advantage. And above all, it’s about never giving up.

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