Junior golf participation soars thanks to Clicksmith support

18th August 2020

In the past month, The Long Game Initiative has been helping children of all ages attend the Junior Golf in a Day summer tuition courses which have shown great success. 

Junior Golf in a Day is just one of the junior tuition courses run by the Guernsey Golf Academy (based at The Golf Club) and aims to support and protect grass roots golf. The sessions present opportunities for all children and strive to discredit misconceptions that surround the sport.

‘Encouraging children from a young age to play golf will help secure the future of the game for years to come,’ said Matt Groves, managing director of Guernsey Golf Ltd.

On 7th August, almost 30 children advanced their golfing knowledge and skills with help from coach, Natalie Goodall. Juniors aged 6-12 covered all aspects of the game, from developing their swing, chipping and putting, before going out on the golf course to play a few holes and put it all into practice.

The Long Game Initiative (supported by Clicksmith) was able to subsidise the programme which had record levels of participation.

Due to the number of children taking part, groups were split amongst the different practice facilities at The Golf Club. Some perfected their swing on The Driving Range whilst others worked on their technique on the putting green. 

The Long Game Initiative is passionate about making golf readily available to all children and young adults. Not only is golf a sport, but it’s an activity that requires social interaction, etiquette and other lifelong skills that can be utilised in everyday life. 

In a bid to end the stigma that surrounds golf and give all young people the option of playing, The Long Game Initiative looks forward to supporting future golf events for young people.

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