How Video Can Help You Market Your Business

11th September 2023

Clicksmith has recently added video as a core service offering, and whilst the link between marketing agency and video isn’t always obvious, its actually makes more sense than you might think.

Video marketing is a powerful way to reach your target audience and grow your business.

Here are just a few of the ways that video can help you market your business:


  • Increase brand awareness. Videos are a great way to introduce your brand to new customers and build awareness for your products or services. According to HubSpot, video can increase brand awareness by 150%.
  • Generate leads. Videos can be a great way to generate leads for your business. You can use videos to promote your products or services, educate your audience, or tell your brand story. According to Vidyard, 81% of businesses say that video has helped them generate leads.
  • Boost sales. Videos can also help you boost sales. You can use videos to demonstrate your products or services, provide customer testimonials, or offer sale promotions.
  • Improve customer service. Videos can also be used to improve customer service. You can use videos to answer common questions, provide product support, or offer training. According to Wyzowl, 90% of customers say that they prefer to watch a video than read text when learning about a product or service.
  • Showcase your business to aid staff retention and recruitment. Video can play an important role in highlighting why your business is a great place to work. With the challenging employment landscape many of our clients are using video coverage of CSR or company events to help them attract new talent.


Of course, creating the video is just the start (something Clicksmith can help with), once you have video content ready that’s when the clever stuff happens. Video content lends itself to an array of marketing channels that will give you the best value for your new video content.

To find out how we can help with your video content and marketing get in touch with the team at Clicksmith.

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