If I was a Hotelier… Digital Marketing Advice

19th August 2018

Continuing the series of articles “If I was”, we focus on a few digital marketing techniques that we believe all Hotels should be implementing.

Guernsey and the rest of the Channel Islands are lucky to be able to offer all types of accommodation for our visitors.  From 5 Star luxury to rustic campsites, we have it all.  One thing that all hotels, guesthouses, and campsites have in common is that they can use digital marketing to drive bookings and increase revenue.  A few areas that we think all hoteliers should be looking at:

Targeted PPC Campaigns

Paid Search can enable hotels of all sizes to appear at the top of search engine results pages.  Through carefully targeted campaigns even the smallest hotels can drive valuable traffic and bookings to their website.  Many believe that large online travel agents (OTA’s) such as Booking.com and Trivago are dominant in this space, and while to an extent this is true, there are always opportunities to grab back a small amount of control.

Local SEO

Firstly, make sure that your hotel is listed as a Google business and that you have worked hard to optimise this local business page.  Local search terms such as “Guernsey Hotels” feature local search results in the form of a map and flags.  Make sure you optimise your website so you appear within this.  Organic search traffic is vital as it offers an opportunity for free conversions.

Social Marketing

Social advertising through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. is a great opportunity for Hotels to target their desired audience with engaging pictures, offers and other content.  As well has driving direct traffic (meaning no commission paid to the big OTA’s, something that should make hoteliers very happy!) this is an opportunity to build a community of repeat purchasers.  Social media offers businesses of all sizes the chance to engage and promote to friends/followers/fans for free.


It is no great secret that reviews play a significant part in how people choose their hotels.  Make sure that you are listed on the main review sites such as Trip Adviser.  As well as appearing on these sites, you will be able to take advantage of these reviews on your site, ultimately increasing conversion.  Just make sure that the service you offer is what your guests expect, poor reviews are difficult to shift!


Your website is the first thing that many of your guests will see.  Traditionally hotel lobbies are smart, clean and inviting areas.  Your site should have the same principle in mind and reflect the kind of establishment that you run.  Direct traffic is incredibly valuable to hotel brands of all sizes, making the most of this these visits is imperative. Ensure that the customer journey is as smooth as possible.

Clicksmith has experience in working with Hotels both locally and all over the world.  Having worked with such brands as Hilton, Premier Inn and Thistle, we understand the challenges being faced. Getting the basics right can change the way you drive bookings, If you would like to know more about how we can help, please get in touch.

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