Step aside golf days… Digital Marketing is here!

4th April 2018

In the past (so I am told) business within the financial sector and other traditional industries was done on the golf course, or indeed over a long lunch that invariably ended up with a sore head and a rather impressive expense receipt. This is how meetings were held and partnerships were formed. Now, not for one moment would I try to claim that these classic methods are not effective, but I would challenge businesses within the more traditional sectors to start looking outside the expensive seafood platters and exhausted sponsored golf days when trying to attract new business. Obviously I am talking about the opportunity that lies within the digital landscape (but not biased). Here are just a selection of areas that can be exploited by traditional businesses.

Paid Search Promotions

Using the search space in order to drive new leads and opportunities is a strategy that deserves attention. Behaviour of all people (including your potential customer base) is changing. The most obvious reason for this is that your clients are more technically savvy than their predecessors ever were. This generation use the internet not only as a source of information, but as a communication method. Last month the keyword “financial reporting” saw over 8,000 searches in the UK, “fund administration” achieved over 2,000 searches. Behaviour is changing and businesses need to make sure they are visible in line with this.


We have all heard of the great social media craze. It’s for teenagers and Silicon Valley geeks, not traditional and serious business folk right? Wrong! Social media is not a craze, it is the evolution of communication. As previously mentioned, your target audience have evolved, they have grown up with social media being a part of their life. Unless you evolve and develop with them, then your business will fall behind and will look out of touch when today’s teenagers are making tomorrow’s decisions.


Don’t you wish there was a way to show how well informed, professional, educated, successful and experienced your company is? Well there is, it is called content marketing. This allows you to develop and distribute thought-leading marketing material to a targeted audience. By utilising the expansive targeting capabilities of online marketing, you can target your perfect client with engaging content which will peak their interest and create awareness. Utilising social networks and online publications, as well as your email network and current client base, can ensure that your high-quality content gets the exposure it deserves.


The power of retargeting is something that all businesses should be utilising. In its simplest form, it is simply delivering a message (banner, search ad, email, etc.) after a potential client has performed an action on an asset of yours (website visit, social visit, content download, etc.). Utilising various retargeting tactics and channels allows your business to re-engage with the potential client to either reinforce the original message, incentivise or even try a different tack altogether. Retargeting is all about making the most of an action, learning and then having the opportunity to try again.

There are many other digital opportunities available to traditional businesses. In order to find out which one is right for you, contact us today. Clicksmith will be able to build a bespoke digital strategy for your business, ensuring that you no longer have to rely solely on old-school marketing tactics to drive new business.

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