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The Biggest Christmas Ads of 2023 – Ranked

Christmas is just around the corner and don’t we know it with the abundance of festive promotional content. At Clicksmith, we know good marketing when we see it, so we’ve ranked this year’s biggest Christmas ads.

From PR to digital marketing – how do they match up?

With the world becoming more digital, the lines between PR and digital marketing are becoming blurred. Nine months into my new role as Senior Account Manager at Clicksmith, I thought it would be interesting to compare the two...

Don’t click: A guide to securing your social media accounts

A rogue click on Facebook or Instagram can lead to your account being essentially rendered useless with the hope of re-entry at the end of a long and painful road… if it ever happens at all.

Marketing during an economic downturn

Even though the economy is suffering, businesses should not pull the plug on marketing spend - here's why you should maintain (or even increase) your marketing activity during economic downturns.

How to write an effective marketing email

Email marketing is an extremely valuable tool. A good email captures the interests of its reader, whilst showing them exactly what to do next in order to interact with your business.

The Advantages of Paid Social Over Organic Social

In the world of social media marketing, there are two main types of content: organic and paid. Organic content is any content that you post on social media for free, while paid content is any content that you promote using advertising spend.

How Video Can Help You Market Your Business

Clicksmith has recently added video as a core service offering, and whilst the link between marketing agency and video isn’t always obvious, its actually makes more sense than you might think.

5 marketing strategies you should be considering…

Digital marketing can often seem like a barrage of technical jargon and never-ending acronyms. But in truth it is far simpler than us marketing folk like to make out (we have to make a living after all!).

Capturing oppportunities: Clicksmith expands offering as experienced videographer joins the team

Clicksmith would like to welcome Ross Yeates to the team, who will run our new videography service offering.