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We are hiring – An Experienced Digital Designer

Clicksmith is looking for a talented digital designer to join our growing team in Guernsey. 

What 2021 won’t bring

Managing director George Bett doesn't have a crystal ball, but he does have a pretty good idea of what not to expect this year.

Hello Partner

Clicksmith is looking to grow its network of talented freelancers to help deliver quality, results-driven marketing services to clients in the Channel Islands and UK.

Junior golf participation soars thanks to Clicksmith support

In the past month, The Long Game Initiative has been helping children of all ages attend the Junior Golf in a Day summer tuition courses which have shown great success. 

Staying visible when the world can’t see you

We are now just over four weeks into lockdown (it feels like months) and in that time islanders’ habits have changed beyond recognition.

Life at the end of the rainbow

Picture the scene… it’s a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky.  The roads are full of hire cars misunderstanding the filter system and commuters are getting cross about the lack of parking in town...

A message from one business owner to another

When this is all over, we will crack open a few beers (probably avoiding one brand) and have a street party reminiscent of 1945. But that time seems a long way off right now...

Marketing through a crisis

None of us has lived through a pandemic on this scale; we have nothing to refer to – no handbook on the steps to take.

Be careful not to play on people’s fears

When does getting good PR during a crisis cross the line?